Reply To: Facet Joint Injections


Sarah, hunnie first off Im so sorry that things didnt go well for you, I really feel for you I do and can really emphathise with you!! Secondly you know that you can e-mail me ANYTIME you want to offload,scream,shout,moan or whatever lol I`ll always be there for you NO MATTER what,you know that!! (By the way I still recieve your e-mails lol and you mine too,it seems lol). As for you feeling a burden and useless etc….that is only natural hun as Ive been there done that etc…and believe you me YOU ARE NOT any of those things!!! You need as much support as you can get right now and then some!! And maybe your husband could go and talk to your dad 1 on 1 without you being there in order for him to at least try and understand how things are for you.And also to however else that needs to be told too, as you are NOT responsible for other peoples feelings etc… they are,so let them deal with it Sarah hun as youve more than enough to deal with on your own as it is !!! And I dont mean that in a nasty way sweetheart,far from it. You are your no1 priority now and if others dont like it TOUGH!! Its time for you to think about yourself from now on and put yourself first. Love and hugs ((((((sarah)))))) Demi xxxxxxxx