Reply To: Facet Joint Injections


I am now left with the realisation that the surgery around the fusion that I need done will not help with the intense pain that im feeling from the facet joint, im hopeful that it may help my back pain, which is awful in itself, but it wont help the facet joint problems at top of the adr site.
I have to have the re-fusion as the hypermobility leaves me very much at risk of there being further problems especially with the hardwear. Im just in the realisation that im now looking at permanant pain from the facets if the injections dont work, and the consultant said that my relief would be immediate if sucessful, which it is not,
I dont want to moan, and I want to be strong, I know that there are so many of you out there that have very restricted and challenging lives from the constant pain and problems that you have, and you face it with courage and strength every single day. Im just so shocked at the realisation that this is now a much bigger picture for me than I hoped it would be, and all of my fears and worries that I kept in a certain place are very close to the front of my mind. I need this revision surgery, and at best after recovery it will help with the lower backpain that I have, But my facet joint on the left side so very painfull and has always been the biggest problem to me, if the injections dont work, is that it?