Reply To: Facet Joint Injections


Thanks for your kind words and support everyone, I write this message with much sadness really. I guess I have always hoped that there is a good chance that I will get back to normal life, and that surgery would be my saviour, and I would return to the old me, and the job I love. My fusion has failed and will not work without revision, these are all aspects that I was prepared for.
Today I had my facets injected, it was believed by my surgeon before to be L4-5 facets that were problematic because of my failed fusion and consistant hypermobility, so we were hopefull that the re-fusion would sort out all of my problems if I was lucky. Sadly today, my pain consultant who carried out the facet injections found the facet problems to be L3-L4, which is where my disc replacement is, the left side in particular which is where a great deal of my pain is felt in my back, hips and buttocks.
Both sides were injected with local anaesthetic and steroid without sedation and wasnt an easy procedure but over with quick. The relief that I felt with the local injected in the joints was amazing, it really made me realise just how much pain was generated from my facets, and to just be left with the unresolved back pain was such an amazing feeling, However when the local wore off the right side felt slightly improved but the left side still feels horrendous.