Reply To: Facet Joint Injections


Hi guys,
Thank you all so much for the help!
I have emptied my spam folder, nothing of interest in there, but ive now got Liz’s and Ali’s emails (thanks honeys, I will email you both over the weekend).
This isnt the first time that this has happened, and one of my clode friends cant email me at all, and vice-versa.
Im not going to trust my email at the moment, so will thread some details on Ross post. But if you do hear from me at the weekend let me knw.
Im all ready to go in to St Thomas this morning and waiting for transport, isnt it strange how after so long nervs just dont happen any more?
Im really tired so will just appreciate being sedated for a while, they may not be successful in waking me up though!
thanks again everyone, its so appreciated, my email is my sanity, and key to the outside world, Im lost without it!!!
Hope that everyone is ok, chat soon (i hope)
warmest hugs
sarah xxxxx