Reply To: Facet Joint Injections


Hi Demi Honey,
Thank you so much for your kind words sweetheart, how are you feeling at the moment? I hope that you are as ok as can be hun.
Gosh I really feel for you that they cancelled a procedure 30mins before theatre, im at my nervous point then, and dont know if I would be relieved or annoyed!!!
Ive been taken by suprise with the pain, I know that I have alot of pain coming from my facets, and that ive not fused at all due to previous hypermobilty which is causing alot of movement around the fusion site which shouldnt be there and is therefore exacerbating the pain, but its just so painful now and ive been shocked by how much this has stopped me, I thought I had experienced bad pain, but this has really taken me by suprise, I would be so grateful at this point of any help with the pain. My sleep pattern is also causing me to feel worse, in the week when my son is at school I sleep from about 2.30-6am, then on saturdays Ive slept until 4pm! last night I had 2 hours broken so im going to go back to bed for a bit when ive taken my morning drugs!
sorry for moaning, I feel bad for doing so, chat soon hun, take care of your lovely self, and warmest hugs coming your way too,
((((((((((Demi)))))))))) (I love your cyber hugs!!)
love sarah xx