Reply To: Cauda Equina Syndrome


Hi Eunan,

I was diagnosed with this condition while at the caravan in the Lakes, after a ruptured disk I could hardy walk and an Ambulance was called. I was taken to Lancaster hospital who’s Doctors examined me and decide it was possible I had Cauda Equine and would be moved to Preston asap. My wife was stuck in the Caravan with the kids and dog not knowing my fate, I was not aware of the urgency they were undertaking.
I was moved to Preston within an hour of being diagnosed and was un-nerved at the speed of my transfer, I was bricking it…….
At Preston they said I would have a scan and if the scan backed up the clinical assessment then I would go straight to theatre that night. My Wife was unaware that an opp may be performed, innocence is bliss….
After the scan they said the disk was no longer pressing on the spinal cord and an operation would not be necessary.

Eunan it is imperative that you are operated on asap as this condition can leave you with permanent nerve damage and hope you can get sorted soon, take care pal..