Reply To: Help for elderly/infirm

bill h

Hi Rob,
I lost my mother several years ago to pneumonia (usually pneumonia is sited as a cause of death in Alzheimer’s cases) in a nursing home.
Struggled to look after her for about five years on top of working and raising a family. Carer’s were calling in twice daily and I did as much as was physically and mentally possible at the time to help.
It’s a difficult call as to when one has to place a loved one into a home however, if there is no way of ensuring she has 24 hour attention in her own home that is an option that must be considered.
I had to make that decision when mother started burning things and twice left the house full of gas from turning on a gas fire but not clicking the switch to ignite it not only endangering herself but also all the neighbours.
Be all and end all one must consider what is the best option for the person, how and where they will get the 24 hour care and attention required.
At the time one of mothers consultants told me it the best illness a person can have for they are unaware of their illness only those close who witness the deterioration who actually suffer.

Best Wishes