Reply To: Help for elderly/infirm


Hi Rob

Just caught up with your thread about your mum. I am glad the GP was forthcoming with information.
With regards to not telling your mum, I think we all have to weigh up what a person can handle, or not. Often they believe that if people are told for example that they are terminal, they just give up, and so its better that they just tick along and don’t know. I think with elderly its probably best to not go into the details, as they just worry even more than already the case.

I do hope that you find some more support services for your mum, and get some breaks from it yourself. It must be such a worry.

My father in law has severe dementia and its so sad to see someone who was an MD deteriorate into not remembering what he had for dinner 5 minutes ago. I am not looking forward to getting old! (though the forgetfulness is pretty bad already!!!)

Take care Rob, and well done for doing all you have, despite all the health issues you have yourself – can other siblings take over a bit from you now?

Love Steph