Reply To: Help for elderly/infirm


Ironically up to five years ago she was a volunteer for help the aged doing just that. It fizzled as she cannot drive and there was noone within a two mile radius for her to see. One of the people she visited is still alive but housebound and she finds it too far and too much trouble to go. Apparently there is noone in the area to visit her. I am going away for a while and have set up most things to cover but the systems in place are dependant on her asking the people calling in. I am certain she will be ok and today she was more accepting of her situation. I see her GP tomorrow on my own and it will be interesting how that goes. I am dreading the same situation later in life for myself but there must be thousands like her. She does have her cat haha A tom called Daisy by early mistakes. Thats the 21st century!!