Reply To: Help for elderly/infirm


A deserved 10 Lupin as achievements are all relative to ability. Susan thanks for the reminder and know that you are right with your comment. Di ..I understood what you were saying but responded badly. She has a knowledge that her condition can only worsen and that she has little time left. I had the same at various points in my cancer treatment and in the body there is some kind hormone that allows us to accept that to move on maybe OK despite no knowledge of what lies ahead. I feel that she is almost at this point and that makes life kinder for her also. She does have a feeling of isolation and lonliness but she is also trapped in her own facing up to things. The Carers have nothing to do for her other than to provide company but quick “Hi boo how are you?” provides an easy paid job and she wouldn’t queery that. I will look for more satisfying voluntary organisations that may provide more. I am slowly easing away to make things less intense