Reply To: Help for elderly/infirm


Well Lupin you cannot be too far offbeam as second time I have been told that today and sometimes we are all guilty of devoting too much time to causes that deserve to take their own path. This could go on for many years and selfish or not made the decision today that my own life comes first and the rest slots in. I am sure that if she gets in a complete muddle and I am not around she will get picked up and seen to. I just wish that more systems were openly in place but maybe the fact that they are not makes them less abused. I cannot carry on as things are and will step back and occasionally see what transpires. I will keep the GP appointment on tues and make it plain that Social Services consider it a medical issue and I have to opt out other than a line of communication if they so wish. If they dont wish then they will have to use whatever the system in place is. And it is your business as I asked for help and you have been kind enough to give..thank you