Reply To: Help for elderly/infirm


Thaanks Di and she does have two weekly visits from Carers which is good for her mentally but as she needs no help dressing etc it is just a social thing and help with some housework. I may increase the number of visits but the help she needs with handling of mail etc can really only come from someone who knows her well. That leaves it to me. The Agency that provides care need to get to know her needs better but as she does not require physical help they tend to pop in have a cuppa and chat and depart. She will need more than that while I am away and I will call in and discuss it with them.
Hard work isn’t it Linda and worse being away from the area. She does get AA and Care Vouchers. Bought in meals are too large for her and she is a fresh fruit addict. She has got used to using the freezer more so we tend to over cook and throw her the scraps haha. Like you I just find it very hard to cope with the extra load and life is essential chores and sleeping. The great thing is that she can still express her wishes to me but she is incapable of carrying them through for herself. As we say int North it’ll sort !