Reply To: Help for elderly/infirm


Hi |Lupin and sorry that you are bogged down with the uneccessary too. I sometimes think that education creates a competitive rather than rational outlook on things. A believer in basic instincts I suppose. Mum complicated things tonight as she said she wanted no drug treatment and was prepared to die as she had no great future ahead. She insisted on attending with her GP on Tues as it was the courteous thing to do. It is all rather sad and falling apart but also it is a fascinating site (GMC) to stumble across. It has all sorts of patient issues and how GPs are guided to deal with them. I could become an addict haha. I thank you for your and understanding. I think that sometimes we get brow beaten and find it tougher than should be. Happy New Year and may the next decade solve problems as has the decade before. Happy New Year