Reply To: Help for elderly/infirm


From one “mush” to another you have no idea how you have helped me through this. I know in my inner self that common sense prevails and I have spent all day on this and am exhausted. So often I am expected to respect and accept the decisions made by Professionals only to find they hide behind a screen of “fear to oppose” I am a simple soul but believe that right is right and cannot accept intimidation. I feel this more being responsible for someone else when frankly hardly able to get the best for myself. I will follow through tomorrow and hopefully get a result…well the results that I hope for. Thanks again and I cannot believe that a qualified GP runs so scared….basically that the back is turned on humanity. My Sister has joint powers and has just retired from Directorship of the Parole Board Eng/Wales. She is appauled and dismayed also. I struggle fighting my own corner so why this.