Reply To: Help for elderly/infirm


Well I thought that as well Di and the PoA is registered and Solicitor endorsed BUT the Gp says that Patient Confidentiality is entirely different. My first thoughts were to pay for her notes which a “legal representitive” has a right to under the Data Protection Act. The Practice is then entitled to a BMA application form which only relates to a Solicitor or legal representitive acting for someone mentally ill. The whole thing is a nonsense and as usual leaves the patient out in the cold. That we are familiar with from our own experiences ! I have made an appointment to go with mum to her GP on Tues and will be asking her to pass all non confidential information to me and to place in a system where the Practice makes contact with me and not someone who is incapable of responding. At the moment it appears that they are just copping out and shelving responsibility. It is as well it is next Tues as I will have time to cool down and be more rational haha. In the meantime I will vent by writing to the BMA.