Reply To: Help for elderly/infirm


I have left one issue asside. As mum is forgetful and struggles coping so DWP wanted an “Appointee” to manage her pensions. That includes her State Pension. My Sister and I have joint Power of Attorney…that means that she signed decisions would be made jointly between us. However DWP dont accept that and need a sole person responsible and to make things less stressful we have jointly agreed that I will be responsible for DWP issues. I doubt the lawfulness and in the fine small print DWP do actually say it is a choice and not a requirement in law. Without agreement though it would jeopardise the claim. This is a disgrace as it is important to mum that she considers she is managing her own affairs although she needs great help. Her State Pension is a right and not a benefit. It is ok as we are a straight and honourable family but it leaves the vulnerable left in danger. She got her AA rewarded and that is good. Not so good is that the State passes responsibility out of individuals hands dismissively. Almost like the Care Homes of years ago and not all gone away. I am really concerned that peoples roghts are readily taken away