Reply To: Help for elderly/infirm

myrtle rose

Hi Rob

I do agree with you and Di about that generation being stoic, always thinking of others before themselves and knowing of people worse off than themselves etc. Of course there are the exceptions “I am a pensioner you know” brigade who see it as their right to go to the front of any queue regardless and so on, but in the main I feel they will be a very sad loss to society as the years go by, and wonder how our generation will be regarded as we replace them?
Anyway I was really on here to say that I am so glad that things are sorting themselves out with Mother, Rob. Regarding her neighbours, I was in a similar situation with my Mother and the neighbours were marvellous and would phone me up if there was a problem which gave me peace of mind even if it was very difficult sometimes to get time off work to sort it out. My brother was too far away so it fell to me.
Got a few sunny spells today, hope you have too.