Reply To: Help for elderly/infirm


Well Di we are certainly heading that way…the journey from birth! It is a big problem that she is of a generation that minimalises all discomfort and coupled with the fuddled mind never gets things across. I am also concerned that others share a load that is making me struggle which is slowly coming together. She has great difficulty walking and probably has pain levels similar to mine but in her words ” there are worse off than me”. In her whole life she was precribed renitodine that she was alergic to so came off after two days and refused alternatives and now she is on a small amount of asprin. She seemed happy with a key safe outside to give others access, a few grab rails and the red alert system. That has releived some off my pressures too. I think to me it is a grim reminder that the patient is sometimes better off than the people that care for them as I was told that often when I was rock bottom. Neighbours are being helpful too but I dont want to take on offers that people later regret due to the pressures on them. I am more confident that it will come together without me failing further too.