Reply To: Help for elderly/infirm


Had a constructive visit from Age Concern. I have arranged Care and Share to fit smoke alarms, grab rails and and alarm if she gets into trouble. She is also having a digital key safe outside so others can get in if neccessary (providing they have the access code) They also rang for a form to apply for attendance allowance. They said that DSS should attend to fill out the form for her but that seems to be a bit of a stumbling block as they are short of Officers to provide. However they will have to eventually and the appplication date applies. I am still fumbling with the fact that she is unable to create a shopping list that goes beyond a day. They gave me organisations that provide vetted care staff to help her along. It is fairly obvious that the next few weeks are a bit of a decider. I have to go to hospital on Thursday so my sister will cover then till Monday when I return. It is all exhausting but things are falling into place. Thanks to all for sharing their experiences and ways forward. The main goal is that she has to be provided by a system that leaves me out due to my own problems. I am delighted to be a bonus but dont want her at risk by taking on something I may not be able to fulfill. Ouch !!