Reply To: Help for elderly/infirm


Please don’t worry too much if it does come to a care home. My husband’s aunt has always been absolutely adamant she woudl never go to one. For her it equated to the work house (she’s 96). Just after Christmas she fell and broke her wrist; was sent to hospital and then to a rehab ward. She was there quite a while because they couldn’t communicate with her (she’s totally deaf and starting dementia). Eventually she thought she was actually in a home rather than hospital and loved it. Suddenly all the worries of looking after her house and herself were taken away and she was really upset to be taken back home again. Actually she’s not safe to be in her own home because of the dementia but that’s a different subject.
The care services an be really good. I have a carer who makes meals for me and helps with cleaning and she’s like a friend but you do have to be ready to complain if it’s not working for any reason. The first company I had was terrible.