Reply To: Help for elderly/infirm


Thanks Guys and Gals. You have helped as well with the information as to what the stroke unit is all about Myrtle. I know exactly the point you are making Dave but she has always absolutely dreaded nursing homes but should it be the only answer then so it will have to be. I called this morning about 11 am and she was away in a tizzy but later in the afternoon we had a constructive decision as to where she needed help which is a huge leap forward as she is stubborn. She accepts her position and also that I have my limitations. We have established that I will get meals together that she can heat in a saucepan and work with Age Concern to arrange cover when I am not available. Laughing at the other thread as the distrraction isnt helping pain levels so no hidden bonuses. Ironically she has historically been involved with Age Concern as a volunteer. One of lifes circles ! Hope things are getting sorted out with you as well Dave. No need to worry about me Steph …. I just get through everything one way or another as we have to.