Reply To: Help for elderly/infirm


You need to get her assessed right away by social services who can arrange for carers to visit her. Age concern may do this; they did for my husband’s 96 yr old aunt or you can ask.. Soc services take greatly into account the person and family’s wishes. If she has savings over £21000 (I think) she will have to pay for her carers. She could have anything from a pop in visit of half an hour daily just to check everything’s ok if that’s what you want , to a couple of hours. They can cook meals, help with personal care and laundry or do basic cleaning. If there are any problems with the care service Soc services will sort it after a phone call. They have to do a financial assessment but will do everything they can to keep her at home. She cold also have meals on wheels. Contact Occupational Therapy via her doctor to get any aids she may need for free like a walker, bath aid; stocking putter on or helping hand. There are also volunteer organisations who will help get her to medical appointments and befriending services who just go for a chat. Just ask Soc services.