Reply To: Is TENS permitted on aircraft?


Hi Myrtle

You have got great advice here, believe me you have to stand up to the airline and insist that they look after you – there are disability laws that protect you.
Get a letter from your GP saying you need a seat at the back, may need to stand up after take off and that you will be usiing a TENS machine. Take the manufacturers leaflet for the TENS and show it to the crew when you board the plane. Take your cushion and more pillows if necessary. Take some ice packs to use on the flight or in the airport while waiting around and make sure you can top up on meds as well.

I have flown for over 7 years now with every European Airline using a TENS, taking plenty of pillows, Ice and have sttod for most flights.
Only once was I not allowed to use my TENS machine .

Hopefully I have helped restore your confidence as its stressful travelling without worrying before you embark on a journey