Reply To: Is TENS permitted on aircraft?


Hi myrtle
Do check with the airline to confirm but i have definitely used a tens machine on an areoplane before. I havent had to use one for years though as i have had a spinal column stimulator since 1998.
As for the seating i dont know who you are flying with but most air lines let you pre book special need seats which are usually at the front of the areoplane. If you are flying with easy jet then you will not be able to sort it out until the day.
I know form experience You definitely wont be allowed to sit near the emergency exits which have the most leg room as you have to be fully able bodied. But there are definitely seats with extra leg room for disabled passengers.
If you want to ask me any questions feel free to e mail me. I also just want to add that i always take a letter from my consultant or gp explaining my medical condition and also stating that due to my back problem i am able to fly but do need extra leg room. I hope this helps and have a fantastic holiday lots of luck with it all Nicky