Reply To: Bu-Trans Pach Problems


Hi Kitten, cant believe you had a bad appraisal – do they know that you are struggling along with constant pain, as well as holding down the job? (though I suppose most businesses don’t care about you as an individual – yet they should!) So sorry you are going through it, don’t know how those of you that work and have chronic pain manage to do it, I am in awe.

Have emailed Napp about the Butrans problems, and got a standard reply, but they are logging it and looking into it, so the more of us that write, the more they have to take notice, so I would urge anyone else on here, even if the side effects seem trivial, to email in. I listed all the things I am finding: dropping things, forgetfulness, muscle spasms, dribbling from one side of my face at times, feeling my speech is occasionally slurred, background headache and woolliness, along with patches running out on day 6 (which they deny is the case – and told me if I change a patch on day 6 I am using the medication outside of its licence!!!!). They have forwarded my list to their scientists, so will see what that brings!