Reply To: Bu-Trans Pach Problems


Hey Claire,

It was me who posted on agonist and anagonists,

The anesthetist I had this week explained it to me really easily- basically buprenorphine, which is part agonist and part antagonist, ‘jumps the queue’ infront of other drugs.

So if you have buprenorphine in your system,and they they give you a full agonist (something like morphine), it won’t be able to ‘get through’ to the receptors as the buprenorphine jumps the queue. This is why if you have buprenorphine as a baseline pain relief in a patch for instance, then you ought to have more buprenorphine on top for breakthrough pain, (tramadol works to some extent, too).

If you feel okay about it, take the plunge and just go for the 10, but if you are worried, or have been sensitive to drugs in the past, ask for 5. I mean, they are hardly going to say no!

kind regards