Reply To: Bu-Trans Pach Problems


Hi All,
Saw my GP yesterday and had a lot to discuss, when I told him I had contacted Napp and asked if using the Bu-Trans patch for a long period of time could lead to symptoms like MS or demyelination of the nerves. My Doctor said this sounded serious and would contact them Himself if I could let him have the address, I forwarded all correspondence and he put it in my records.
I had another letter from Napp today; I asked if they wanted me to collate information from you about all the issues with this drug. They said:-
“Dear Alasdair,
It is probably best if people contact us via the medical information address, however could you also encourage people to report any problems they are experiencing to their doctor , as they will be best placed to offer assessment and advice in individual cases. “
I Too have contacted Napp previously about the 6 day problem, so did my GP. I think this is the time to make a noise as they are taking this seriously…So should we..
Love to all,
Ali x