Reply To: Bu-Trans Pach Problems

myrtle rose

Hi Steph and Ali

Sorry you have both had difficult weekends, one not being able to go and the other not being able to stop! LOL! seriously though I do feel for you both and Ali you must feel tired out this morning.
Steph,I am also on Movicol and it can be difficult to estimate whether it’s needed or not which can lead to being one way or the other, not a lot of fun!

Sorry about the Temgesic Steph, it sounded the ideal solution in theory. Seems like you will have to up it whether the Doctor likes it or not.

I am wondering if instead of going straight from a 5 patch of butrans to a 10, I would cut one in half to make it 7.5 what d’you think ?
Sounds sense with your tramadol. Mine are 50mg capsules. I can take one or two but they don’t make a lot of difference.

Good luck with the Doctor Ali.

love to all