Reply To: Bu-Trans Pach Problems


Hi All

Hope you’ve managed to enjoy something of the weekend. I’ve spent most of it asleep again, as I upped the Butrans as 5 wasn’t doing it for me, and now I am wiped out again. I get so cross with myself for losing all this time with my children – they will be teenagers by the time I wake up properly. But, the other side is to be in more pain, so its a double edged sword.

Ali, thanks for raising some of this with the GP – let us know how you get on and how we can back you up.

Myrtle – the Temgesic are not as great as expected. When I used them years ago, they were quite “pokey”, but now I guess due to extra pain, plus tolerance, they’re not! I am on 0.2 so maybe they should give me 0.4 but the GP/pain consultant were keener I had the low one. They are OK, but not a 20 minute later result which I need as I want something to keep me going if I am out (rarely) or struggling in the evening etc. I am so fed up with feeling so rough, like I am hungover all the time, background headache, drowsy etc – really getting me down.

Up until today I was using the s/r tramadol as well, as couldnt cope without it on a 5. I have now cut a 5 in half, so am on 7.5 (prob not meant to cut them, but with a bit of micropore tape over it, seems to be fine).

Also struggling with constipation again from upping the patch and adding sublinguals. Am concerned that I will be maxed out on Movicol before long – then where do you go?! (s’cuse the pun!!!)

Sorry for the moan! Just want a life! xx