Reply To: Bu-Trans Pach Problems


HI I am on Transtec patches which are meant to last up to four days but don’t!

I change them every three and a half days but usually they seem to run out of effect by third day.

Everyone on these sort of patches should have meds for breakthrough pain for the bad times.

I have found great way to prevent irratation and soreness when patch is in place just use steroid cream hour before placing patch on skin, it works.

It could be better to transfer to Transtec patches from Butrans same drug just different patches.

I found upping the strength helped pain but did not dope me out as much as I expected after starting the first dose which made me loopy for two weeks.

I have found these patches work well if on right dose and if put on properly with care.

The patch works better the nearer the top of back they are but I have to put them lower sometimes as skin needs to recover.

Sweating does affect the patch and can cause an air bubble to form and loss of stickness.

I have read that the manufacturers are designing a patch which includes Aloe Vera but my pain clinic docs reckons this will affect efficiency of drug.

Try the higher dose, you can always go back down again if its too much or try Transtec patches instead which have three strenghths.

Take care