Reply To: Bu-Trans Pach Problems


Logically if you cover a patch so it cannot breath then it dispenses slower. If it gets too hot it dispenses quicker. That is what they state as fact on all patches. I take that to mean that some patches last less than stipulated and some indeed do not release at the correct speed and there is waste. Scientifically though my GP says that a real hot day should not make a difference yet a radiator would. Why I asked and he shrugged ! The bottom line is that I cannot see that the flow can be that accurate and indeed is a rational explanation as to why we have good days with patch reflief and poor days. Presumably it is the best available at the moment and oral meds must have variances in release as well. Drug Companies are always the first not to part with any more info than on the sheet enclosed in the box. I parted with med info to one once and it became of no help to me whatsoever as they took info from my GP and ran. I have also been asked since indirectly through this site and refused. It can be hassle. Good luck all the same