Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 3


Ha ha Rob, yours will be the shinest & newest!!! Hopefully not too much behind ours….finger crossed for you.

Caroline, glad that all seems well at the moment & you are managing to use it – I am jealous as I am missing mine…..hopefully I will not have to wait for too long. You should have yours up & programmed by then. Enjoy your shower….

I have been looking at the Medic alerts available & there seems to be a whole array of them. Some have a talisman where you put your info on & others hold your records on a database – I am now wondering which would be better? I think I might start a thread about them? Perhaps a large tattoo might be a good plan…….’CLEAR OFF’ perhaps….(could think of other wording). I guess the most important thing would be the MRI & diathermy if you were in an accident…. the defib bit is a little hit & miss as if you needed to be shocked it is either life or death, then comes the ethical & moral dliemma of resuscitation – too big to debate that one I think.

Here’s to the future for the ‘Stimulated 5’
Liz xx