Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 3


I feel a bit left out just at the moment haha. The stimulation is coming from my bionic girls! No problem mailing Liz .. Sounds as if all goes well and hope you dont mind me mentioning Caroline that you have told me your team is off to Belgium. I must admit Dr Van Buyten is way ahead in the world on this one and well recognised for being so. For anyone considering scs and wanting facts not ideas he is the man to see. The best few quid I have ever spent and so much came from it and would have done regardless of the outcome. It is interesting that the NHS has been a little behind modern technology on this one but seems to be making an effort to catch up at last. It sounds as though you both have a good chance of benefitting so what better result could there be. Hope that yours is still tinglng away as well Nicky.