Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 3



Hi Caroline – thanks for asking – all looks pretty good at the moment, fingers & toes crossed. I have had it on most of the time & have been able to walk the dog, it seems to be giving me better relief than the fentanyl alone, so here’s to my discussion with the boss on Monday. How are you? How’s the chest? Is there any reason why they have not programmed yours yet? I presumed they did this straightaway & am curious really. Did you have the rechargeable one put in? Hope you don’t mind me asking. Where is the actual implant sited – mine will probably be placed on my flank – sort of above my kidney area, if you know what I mean. Fingers crossed you get yours up & running soon.

Rob – I have sent you a MEGA long email – sorry!!

Hugs to all the stimulated or soon to be stimulated!!! & thanks so much to you all for your support, I am not sure you realise how much it has meant to me…..
Liz xx