Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 3


Hi Chris

Sorry that things are a bit pear shaped at the moment and am a bit surprised as it reads as though the battery eeds replacing and there is a hold up. Is that correct because I assumed that they would be changed immediately?

Bionic Liz…its the whole point of the thing I think. It interferes with the brain so it cant inerperate the nerve signals. I assume that at the moment you maybe over concentrating and your brain power is a bit higher than most and trying to see through it haha. Chill and relax as best as you can. It is the iniial electrode insertion that you need to be awake for otherwise they have no precise way of knowing they have hit the spot. I would assume from then on it would be optional to have GA or local. From what I have been told it aint pretty watching the lead insertion round the body.
Nicky I am in a bad way today and it seems ages away so cant wait to see if it works
Caroline did you find out if the electrodes were T10/12 upwards??
Bye bionic people for now