Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 3


Dear All

Thanks again for your support – & it is good being part of the most popular topic (sorry Tony!!!)

Caroline – it is good to know that you are doing well. When will you get to have yours programmed? Mine was done afterwards & I have a choice to try at the moment. It is a different sensation but to me so far I am more than happy with it as it does seem to replace the pain…..I am almost too scared to think this & keep wondering if it is just my brain tricking me as I want something to help!! I hope you get yours up running soon. How long were you in for when it was implanted? Did you have a general or local?

Hi Nicky – I am doing well actually. Sore where it goes in & from the sutures that are holding it in – but I can manage with paracetamol for that. I had it done under a Local as they wanted me to join in!! (Joy of joys!!!) I could have had some sedation as they had an anaesthetist there incase, but I managed without. It was very strange when they first switched it on, & it is odd when I move in certain ways as the stimulation increases dramatically at times, but I keep the remote nearby & switch it down quickly. It seems to be doing the trick but I am almost too scared to say that it has & keep wondering if my brain is playing tricks on me……If I go on & have the real one it will be done under a GA, which I am very pleased about!!!!
How are things for you at the moment – any better?