Reply To: wheelchairs yes or no


This is really a horses for courses issue. I got my first about 4 years ago. It is a walking aid and in my experience can equally be a liability. It is a case of try and find where it works for the individual best. As Di says it can also be a lean on tool and a wheelbarrow. In my case it is great for shopping on level ground and on level well known footpaths with the relevant dropped kerbs. There is nothing in EU legislation that forces Local Authorities to provide other than in new plans. That means you need something better than sat/nav. On Dis’ scooter prob with railways then that is always a problem as some stations simply are unsuitable. I think they recommend that you seek advance information from individual stations. We have a long way to go but Rome wasn’t..we should be grateful that things have and continue to help our minority group. Even for the user there is nothing quite worse than the wheelchair “getting in the way”. Used as a last resort great but essential usenot too good as people wheelchair bound will tell you. Use for pacing if not a total neccessity