Reply To: wheelchairs yes or no


Hi Ann. I totally agree with Dave. My husband has been urging me for some time to get a wheelchair as my walking ability is deteriorating so badly. I already walk with one crutch, as one of my legs gives way without warning at times. I have been so resistant to a wheelchair, as my kids (6 and 9) are embarrassed enough with me having a crutch (invested in a pink one in the end from a fab website called chickaide).
However, when we went to a theme park the Christmas before last, I was struggling so badly to keep up with the family, so we borrowed a courtesy wheelchair and it meant instead of going home or laying in the car like always, I was still able to be part of the day. We are seriously thinking of getting one for exactly what Dave suggests, the really bad days when staying in miserable would be the only alternative as walking more than to the front door is out of the question. I dont think people like yourself or me or Dave become reliant on these things, we pain sufferers are fighters, and we try to do what we can when we can, but some days, its just not possible. I am fed up with physios giving the wrong advice, only one in my 17 years of pain has been any good. Go with what you feel you need. Big hugs