Reply To: Today I am… Part 3


Today i laid a few ghosts to rest actually cleaned up the grave of an old friend of mine, few visit. Today, again, the constant pain in my body, the nueralgia in my head, aren’t going to ease, and any medication that might bring relief will only further inflame screaming loud tinnitus that haunts me so. Today i felt at peace with the world, relaxed in amongst all this chaos in my body, felt elevated, up in amongst the clouds on a natural high, floating, just floating.
Life has its meaning, then it doesn’t, ill health tries so hard to drag us down, but then we surface again, gasping at that beautifully sweet fresh air.Every day i slip a little more, but every day i realise more and more what a wonderous life this is in whatever way we live it, what a gift it is to have been here, miracle amongst countless miracles, just seems that pain seems to drive me to an even higher sense of awareness of this whole marvellous happening, lucky me, i guess.