Reply To: Failed back surgery syndrome


Hi Laura,
Sorry for not replying sooner.
My nerve damage was from a failed Mylogram where the doctors failed to notice the fact that I was losing a lot of Spinal Fluid and the nerves were exposed to each other and they fused together.
Then, the last operation (Laminectomy) with a Neurosurgeon (all the rest had been with an Orthopaedic Surgeon)went wrong when he nicked (or whatever) the nerve.
Talking of Holidays (and Insurance I am still fighting); the last damage occured in Bali in July after a Heart Attack and the Cardiologist during an Angiogram and then Angioplasm traumatised the nerves so badly in my right thigh that they went into shock. I managed eventually to get back as far as Hong Kong where the Cardiologist there was fantastic and optomised the first Stent inserted in Bali, and then inserted another 2 but he was unable to do anything about the nerve damage and HE was fantastic – he even let me out of hospital early (but not dangerously) saying that I would recover better in a Luxury Hotel !!
I can’t thank HIM enough but the Insurance Company is insisting I had a pre-existing condition and are not paying anything (the ops cost over £70,000) but my G.P. at least is trying, unsuccessfully so far, to tell them otherwise.
This is why Gabapentin has been added to the mix now.
Stress, what stress ?
Anyway, good luck to you and Claire.