Reply To: Failed back surgery syndrome


Hi Claire,
I was interested in your post, particularly the part about no longer searching for a cure. That’s the stage I’ve got to now too, although it’s taken a long time! I don’t have a pain clinic to help me, only St Thomas’ and they offered me an epidural the day after my operation a few weeks ago and so that too is on hold until I have my first check up with the surgeon in early November. I am not going forward for a SCS now, I feel I’ve been lucky with 3 ops, no infections etc. so can’t take any more chances.

I had my hardware removed 6 weeks ago and it’s early days yet re pain levels. I still have the horrible nerve pain in my legs but a physio friend of mine (who trained before I was born!) told me nerve roots take up to 3 months to heal so I’m keeping everything crossed that I will get some success.

Keep smiling when you can is my motto!