Reply To: Failed back surgery syndrome


Hi Laura,
I have only just come across your post, I too have been diagnosed with failed back surgery. I had a cervical fusion on two levels, only one of which fused. I was told that the reason for the pain I experience is that that I had spinal cord swelling following the surgery and that this probably damaged the outer sheath so there is nothing that they can do about it. I have now got deterioration in various levels of my spine but because of the failed fusion and my chronic pain they have told me that further surgery is not likely to be useful unless I get to the point where it is life threatening. I have taken a long time to get over this but I have concluded that at least it puts a stop to the constant searching for cures which is a relief to me. I have a very good pain clinic and GP and we very much work together to manage my pain relief. I know that the general advice is to take pain relief all the time but I find the side effects unbearable, and I have tried many many different ones. I recently discussed this with my GP and she was very supportive. Having gained this level of control over my treatment has meant almost as much as gaining some relief of my pain, if that makes sense.
I have come to the conclusion that I could not bear to have any more invasive treatment as it frightens me too much but this decision can only be taken by an individual.
I too though, find it really helpful to read that I am not alone with this condition.
lots of love Claire x