Reply To: Has anyone tried hypnotherapy?


That is an extremely interesting piece of reading though I do confess to understanding little of the technical terminology. It does say also that we have a long way to progress which I am sure that victims are only too well aware of. It does bring me back to my original conclusion that the nervous system is as equally responsibe for what we feel if not more so than the actual brain The nerve delivers and the brain interperates from the information irt perceives. It would appear that the brain is reluctant to let go of things it believes sometimes….but then maybe I am being a bit guilty of that haha. I cant get away from the fact that most of my acurate diagnosis came from nerve studies and nerve medication I did feel throughout that some Practitioners were content to stand back and blame the brain. The brain blamers did the least to help…opinion and dead end offering no help. All inconclusive now as does scs stimulate the nervous system where the electrodes are placed or is it confusing my brain?? All rather complex but the result is what matters which has turned out good for me. It would be interesting to me to have further nerve conductivity tests to see infact if nerve responses have changed or whether it is all down to the brain.