Reply To: Has anyone tried hypnotherapy?


The brain is holds on to all our thoughts and feelings
There is a mind body connection which means that when we think anxious, angry or upset thoughts ( both from life situations including ones held onto by mechanical problems with joints, accidents and injury these are held onto, ( repressed) If not addressed properly they can then manifest themselves into Physical symptoms….. do you notice how many people on this site have common other symptoms, IBS, TMJ, Fibro, Neck and back pain…. these are all commom places for ‘stress’ to house itself, thats why so many people get rid of pain in one way and then find they develop another problem, because the mind ( thoughts and feelings) are not working in a positive way but may be ‘stuck in a pattern of ‘negative’ even without realising it. There is another factor which does not sit comfortably with many people and that is ‘ what might you be getting out of holding onto your pain’ perhaps it means you get taken care of or dont have to work or can avoid doing certain things?, This is a very challenging question for most as it means being honest with yourself. There is a vey good book which I would recommend called healing back pain by Dr John Sarno, or another one called why people don’t heal and how they can Caroline Myss…. People spend thousands on various treatments but as jan states you already have the power within you to reduce your pain