Reply To: Has anyone tried hypnotherapy?


I am not questioning what you say Louise far from it. However you do make a statement which I have heard many times and never fails to confuse me. I have questioned it once before and the term ” brain” was changed to “mind” We all know that the mind does not physically exist and in practice no one has any real understanding of it or very often effectively treating it.. Why is it that pain is in the brain any more than sight is or hearing is?? The reality to my mind that pain may be signalled by the brain BUT is generated by other sources. Why in simple terms are the medical profession so convinced that pain is brain only and why are other areas treated if the concensus is that pain is brain fed? I am an open minded person but I really cant get my head around this one (or brain haha) I have heard it so often in pain clinics when they fail to get results with others leaving them confused and distraught. Can you help?