Reply To: Has anyone tried hypnotherapy?


As a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist and Clinical (Psycho- Analytical) Hypnotherapist I wanted to write this not in any way to sell my service but to clear up a few points….. A good hypnotherapist will never claim that they can ‘Cure’ anything… However Hypnotherapy has been proved through clinical trials to be extremely effective in ‘ teaching’ patients how to reduce their levels of pain and develop coping strategies as well as challenge distorted worrying concerns, ALL pain comes from the brain and therefore a hypnotherapist can work with your thoughts and feelings to bring about positive change…. It is not a magic spell, you are not ‘ put unde in a Power controlling way…r’ it is a collaborative process where the therapist will ask you to help yourself by doing whatever it is you need to do in order to relax. for example if the therapist says during the beginning of the hypnotic process that your eyes are feeling heavy you have two choices, you can either focus your attention and tell this to yourself as if you really believe it, or you can resist, saying to yourself this is rubbish my eyes dont feel heavy at all, As you can imagine this is not at all helpful in helping the process of helping yourself.