Reply To: Has anyone tried hypnotherapy?


hi flo,

about 9 years ago, my partner marched me off to see a h’therapist. i was charged £60 to be told that if i paid £300 i would be ‘cured’, and that it was all in my mind!

there are a lot of ‘quacks’ out there (my best friend dated one for a couple of years and i was horrified by what she told me about his ‘training’, including his american doctorate which cost him thousands of pounds!) and many of them have had little ‘official’ training.

i am sure that there are many good therapists out there, so choose carefully if you do decide to give it a try. find someone who has used that particular therapist.

when you finally get your hosp appt, you might find that there is someone who practises cognitive behavioural therapy – and you wouldn’t have to part with any money.

good luck with whatever you decide. and remember that i am only talking about my experience – there are probably lots out there who have benefitted from h’therapy. annie