Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 7


They may have worked from tests that you have had historically. It is normal to take a final MRI before implantation to give clues to future problems. SSEP is basically a test where they place needles at even spaces into the nerves and measure the reaction speed in them. It shows up any dead nerves where scs cannot work and also poor nerve response where it could be limited. Also good points that are perfectly ok. Not the most comfortable of tests as where there is no response they just keep shoving the needle in hoping you feel it. It is all computerised and a report then done of the readings. In my case it proved that motory function was restricted whereas here they always denied that without testing to see. The main points of my daignosis here was based on the fact that they couldn’t do anything for me based on minimal of testing. Thats what infuriated me so off I went !!