Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 7


The Consultant I mention would do all the assessment as to the chances of scs working for you. For me it involved 2 MRI scans and a SSEP test. About 20 hours of consultation with him and his neurosurgeon. I came back with all the films and reports and chucked it at my Pain Specialist here and he then referred me to Walton for further tests and implantation. Therefore all the practicalities of trial/implantation and follow up falls withjin NHS. Two years ago the cost less travel and accomodation ( ie Consultants total) was less than £400. It was the most effective £400 I have ever spent as without I would have been left on the scrap heap. as my particular Pain Specialist was work shy. It is important to try all the other routes first as they are less intrusive long term. Scs can stand in the way of other med conditions that may occur later in life as it cannot be totally removed. Good luck and stick to it