Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 7


I feel for you Steph but feel that you maybe inclined to think that scs is the be all and end all which of course it isn’t. Your nerve block didn’t work and scs may not either and there are a lot of indications as to whether or not it may. That is why patience is paramount. It took me three years to find out what would be my best way foward and another year to get the recommendations implemented. I wasn’t looking for scs it was just continually suggested that it was the only way for me to get any possible result. Even with scs the end result is far from wonderful. Some symptoms react in a far more positive way than others and it may well be that you have better ways forward. You have to also remember that scs does not go away once implanted as a nerve block That could be an explanation as to why they are thinking it a good idea. I had three none of which worked and the last was indeed a disaster as it found a dead nerve. The nerves are probably secondary to the brain in creating a lifestyle and all decisions need to be carefully considered. Also bear in mind that scs carries huge surgical risk and long term diagnostic /life limitations. Its hard but take it as it comes but better than looking back in hindsight to disasters easily avoided. I would rather have regular nerve blocks than scs if it worked. Also maybe other ops that carry risks slightly greater with better results. Look at everything available to you and consider carefully. Poor Steph hope it comes together for you